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An Executive Coach as your Trusted Thinking Partner

How can a Thinking Partner help you?

Let’s face it, we are not our own best listener...your brain is wired to agree with you! is hard to find an objective colleague who has the guts to be totally truthful within your company.  

A Thinking Partner Will Push You To:

  • Focus and clarify changes you need to pursue
  • Wrestle with key challenges
  • Consider and test new options
  • Take bold actions
  • Speed you to meaningful results 

Working With a Thinking Partner is Not a “piece of cake”. Prepare For Some Discomfort as You Are:  

  • challenged
  • asked tough questions
  • pushed to view things in new ways

It’s a 2-Way Street to Focus**Action**Results**

  • Focus and clarify together
  • take ownership for new Actions
  • experience Results

So, What Happens Next*?

Our work together will be based on:

  • Focus – the first step is to clarify your transition. We’ll do that by bringing data to the table, use existing or suggested assessments …we’ll sift and sort to make sense of it
  • Action – explore options, set milestones, make a commitment and be accountable for taking action
  • Results – it’s all about getting a return on the investment you make

Note: *Each engagement is tailored to suit your schedule. Typically we set a minimum of 6 months and our time together consists of either two or four scheduled sessions per month, and can be a blend of face to face and virtual meetings

Who Will Best Benefit?

  • C-Level Leaders who need to hear the truth, but find that it can be hard to get and that it is lonely at the top
  • New Global Leaders who are challenged with a cross-cultural team that is spread across different countries and time zones
  • Executive Women who want to strengthen their presence and voice at the senior levels
  • Talented Managers who are candidates for bigger roles and need to develop leadership skills
  • Individuals Contributors who are Subject Matter Experts and who need development in influencing others and gaining acceptance for their ideas
  • High Potentials in whom the company wants to invest in addition to formal leadership development programs.
  • “Rabble-Rousers” who are advancing new initiatives for the organization and may be meeting resistance to new ideas
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